How to Stay Cool While Camping Without Electricity 2022: 8 Best Tips

how to stay cool while camping without electricity

How to Stay Cool While Camping Without Electricity Camping is a simply awesome way to spend your vacations, allowing you to get back in touch with nature. It will do wonders to both your mind and body, revitalizing and refreshing them and teaching you new ways of survival.

Tent camping in summer is really a great idea but it can be a real spoiler if you are unable to deal with the hot weather. And on top of that, if your camp has no electricity supply, it will leave you wondering how to stay cool while camping without electricity.

People go camping to relax in nature and to absorb the peace and quiet around them. But then the weather conditions and how you tackle them are major determining factors in the success or failure of your camping trip. However below we will give you some tips on how to stay cool while camping without electricity.


8 Best Tips for How to Stay Cool While Camping Without Electricity:

  1. Choose the Right Tent.
  2. Location Selection:
  3. Using a Reflective Blanket
  4. Don’t Use The Sleeping Bag
  5. Battery-Based Fan
  6. Setting Up The Tent At Sun-Set
  7. Light-Weight Clothing
  8. Use Your Ice Cooler.

We’ll cover some of the best How to Stay Cool While Camping Without Electricity tips here.

1. Choose the Right Tent:

The color, material, and shape are the determining factors of how cool your tent would be so tent selection should be done with great deliberation.

While considering different tent materials we should know that canvas is the best heat-resistant material. But the downside is that the material is quite expensive and heavy while nylon and polyester are affordable and light-weight.

Most campers choose dark-colored or colorful tents which are not right because dark colors absorb heat. Whereas a light-colored tent will work well as light colors deflect heat.

Large tents are preferable as it provides more headspace and allow more air to pass. With more space, there will be better ventilation giving a passage for the air to pass through the tent.

2. Location Selection:

One of the camping hacks to stay cool is the area where you pitch your camp. Setting up camp in a shaded area can bring down the temperature to about 20-30 degrees inside the tent.

And if your tent is pitched in someplace where sunlight falls directly on it, the heat will be absorbed by the tent and stay in, making the inside of the tent heat up. So you should select the camp location that provides you with a lot of shade and is away from the sunlight.

Pitching your tent in an area where there are plenty of airflows is also a wise step. While if you set up your tent near any river-side or lake-side then this is also a very good option as it will cool the air and control ventilation.

3. Using a Reflective Blanket:

Keeping your tent cool in a place, where there is no shade and you are exposed to direct sunlight, is quite tricky. The sun-rays will directly hit the tent, heating it up in no time.

To avoid this situation the best way to cool your tent is by placing a space blanket over the tent. This will keep the interior cool as the blanket will reflect the heat.

But to make this work you have to see that the blanket covers the whole of the tent. But you have to invest in a better quality that gives you good protection and does not wear away easily.

4. Don’t Use The Sleeping Bag:

If you are camping in the hot weather using a sleeping bag is not recommended. The main purpose of a sleeping bag is to keep you warm by not letting the heat go out.

So in summer, there’s no point in using a sleeping bag as it will make you more uncomfortable. To keep yourself cool it’s better to sleep on top of the sleeping bag and use a blanket to cover yourself.

5. Battery-Based Fan:

Carrying a battery-based fan in your camping gear is a wise step. The camping fan is an easy way to keep your tent cool but practically the fan would not be able to cool your tent much if the air around you is hot.

So you might be still at a loss about how to cool your tent. Another wise hack is to place a block of ice in a bucket and put the bucket in front of the fan.

The wind from the fan becomes super cool when it strikes the ice giving you a nice and cool atmosphere inside the tent.

6. Setting Up The Tent At Sun-Set:

Another smart method that answers your query about how to keep your tent cool while camping is by pitching it at the right time.

If there is enough time left before going to sleep then you should engage yourself in other activities, like stocking up wood for your fires or cleaning up the camp area.

So wait for the sun to go down and the heat of the day to lessen. To protect your tent from extra heat time of sunset is the best time to pitch your tent.

7. Light-Weight Clothing:

Though not one of the greatest hacks it will definitely help you to stay cool. So what type of clothes should you wear during summer camping is an important question worthy of consideration.

To stay cool in the hot weather the trick is to wear loose-fitting and light-colored clothes because being loose they will allow the air to pass through and light colors reflect heat.

These clothes will have the power to keep you cool and comfortable. And during the day you can wear a hat or carry an umbrella to protect yourself from the sun.

8. Use Your Ice Cooler:

Another great hack of how to cool a tent without electricity is to cool your tent with the help of an ice cooler. The ice cooler is a great way to keep your tent cool, here you will just place the cooler with ice in your tent and remove the lid.

The ice will melt and cool the air around it which in turn will mix with the surrounding air. And in no time the temperature of the interior will be reduced, making it cool and comfortable.


Camping in summer is really ideal but extreme weather conditions can dampen your spirits and ruin the trip. Here you are at a loss of how to tackle the situation and how to stay cool while camping without electricity.

But we hope that after going through this idea you must have got a fair idea of how to tackle this problem. Hope you enjoy your next camping expedition.


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