5 Tips & Tricks How to Keep a Tent Cool in Hot Weather 2022

How to Keep a Tent Cool in Hot Weather
How to Keep a Tent Cool in Hot Weather

Camping is an excellent hobby whether it is hot or cold. As it enlightens your body and mood from the hectic day-to-day routine. But sometimes if you are camping in summer, it becomes difficult to enjoy this due to the extra heat.

As the sun rays are absorbed in the tent it traps heat inside which eventually increases the inner temperature and will become difficult to chill off the inside, rapidly destroying your setting up camp excursion.

So how to keep a tent cool in hot weather, here I am telling to some 5 best possible ways from which you can avoid extra heat in hot weather and keep your tent cool. For a big family tent-style cabin tent.

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How to Keep a Tent Cool in Hot Weather

1. Use a shady place to set up your tent

Use a shady place to set up your tent

To remain cool, set up your shelter in a concealed region instead of direct daylight. On the off chance that you can discover a setting up a camp spot in the shade, take it. Allowing trees to ingest the daylight, rather than your tent, will go far in keeping you cool.

The stunt here is to ensure you know where the sun’s way will pass during the day. Try to search for concealing under trees and other vegetation.

Recall that the sun will move during the day, and detection that is concealed toward the beginning of the day might be in full sun by the center of the evening.

Attempt to exploit any breeze in the event that you can, regardless of how little it is. Indeed, even a little breeze blowing through the cross-section of your tent can have a cooling impact.

Setting up the shelter close to a lake or stream will generally bring about a cooling breeze, especially around evening time when the temperature begins to chill.

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2. Right choice tent

Right choice tent

In case you’re enjoying the great outdoors in the late spring months, buying the right tent is your initial step for remaining cool. You’ll need a tent that is breathable to take into consideration loads of wind streams.

Summer tents are produced using a lighter material than the entire season tents and will have a few cross-section windows and downpour folds that can be kept up during the day.

Polyester tents are a decent alternative if setting up camp in a truly blistering climate, as the material is UV safe. Nylon is another acceptable decision, with this material permitting more hot air to escape from the tent than polyester.

Cotton tents will be as yet cooler than those produced using polyester or nylon, however, their weakness is that they’re heavier and can be harder to set up.

In the event that it’s in your financial plan, pick a bigger lodge-style tent that has a ton of cross-section windows. You’ll settle the score with more ventilation with the greater space, with cool air circling to keep the inside cool.

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3. Utilize a reflective sunshade

Utilizing an intelligent awning is perhaps the best tip for remaining cool while setting up camp. These covers reflect daylight back up to the sky, leaving anything in their shadow that is a lot cooler.

The thought when setting up camp is to utilize them to hinder your tent or social region from the sun’s immediate light. I recommend a good sunshade.

Coverings permit you to snooze even after the sun has come up, which any accomplished camper knows is the point at which the “sauna” impact genuinely becomes an integral factor.

An awning works best when it is altogether over the tent. That implies leaving no less than 12 crawls of room between the highest point of the tent and the covering, which permits air to stream over the tent and cool things off.

Make sure that an overhang doesn’t need to be of the sparkly, intelligent mylar assortment, however, this functions admirably yet can likewise be pretty much as basic as a canvas. Use trees, stakes, or posts to tie the shade over your tent.

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4. Hydrate Yourself

Hydration is the most essential piece of remaining cool, protected, and sound on setting up camp excursions.

Water has high explicit warmth esteem, which implies it takes a great deal of energy to change the temperature of the water. That is the reason water makes a decent substitute for coolant in vehicle radiators it is coolant.

Since your body is made of around 60% water, keeping it appropriately hydrated is probably the best weapon against overheating. In a warm climate, you can direct your internal heat level by drinking bunches of water and remaining hydrated. What’s more, the colder the water, the cooler you’ll feel.

5. Choose light color or light weighted clothes

Here’s no chance to get around these laws of nature: Solar radiation splashes into dull shaded surfaces and mirrors off light-hued surfaces. Try not to attempt to battle it all things being equal, work with it by pressing just light-shaded garments on summer setting up camp excursions. These will keep you a lot cooler during the day.

Likewise, pick textures that inhale and deliver heat, like cotton and material. Take motivation from the customary attire of hot spots, like the Middle East and Saharan Africa, where apparel is, for the most part, white, baggy, and breathable. These garments likewise cover a greater amount of the body to secure against daylight. In the event that you are wearing short sleeves or shorts, make a point to apply a lot of sunscreens.


Since you realize how to cool a tent, would you say you are all set setting up camp? Utilizing the tips here, you can camp in a warm climate, realizing that when it’s an ideal opportunity to take care of the pit fire and head, your tent is inviting and cool, allowing you to get a decent night’s rest so you’re prepared for another day of setting up camp experience.

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