How to stay clean while camping 2022: camping hygiene hacks

How to stay clean while camping
How to stay clean while camping

You know what? Camping is a hell of fun! There is no doubt that going camping in a hilly area or some distant place from home is always a pleasant idea.

But it’s also essential to take care of your health. Isn’t it? That’s why most of you ask the question of how to stay clean while camping? Well, not a problem at all!

Everyone knows that camping is the best way to explore the secrets of nature, get rid of your hectic daily routine of office or study life, and have a great time with your friends and family.

Isn’t it that true? Because as Shakespeare says it, “look deep into nature, and you will understand everything better.” But some of you, or I can tell, we all face many issues at that far away place from home.

The most intensive is that you get dirty and couldn’t maintain your hygiene. You get a lot of germs on you and become sick. So, what will you do then?

The answer is straightforward. It would help if you had to get rid of poor personal hygiene practices that don’t work on you because being a little bit dirty, playing, and having fun is okay. But to keep yourself hygienically clean is so much important. I prefer Pure-Castile Liquid Soap

How will you do that? Don’t panic, as I am here to help you with many tips and tricks that will let you know how to stay clean while camping to come home with the same health you had during departure. 


Keeping Clean While Camping Camping Hygiene Hacks Essentials

Keeping Clean While Camping Camping Hygiene Essentials

1. Kit for personal hygiene

When we are on a trip, a lot of us forget about taking care of ourselves. We tend to forget what is hygiene and what isn’t as we are at a camp. We tend to indulge in a lot of activities that we wouldn’t normally do at home.

But as we don’t have the same facilities while we are on a trip, we need to be more cautious. This is because we are out in the open and there are a number of infections that we can catch from unclean surfaces. So it is important to stay clean at all times and keep ourselves safe from diseases. Here is a list of things that you need to carry to stay clean while at a camp.

2. Wipes that are wet:

Most of the people who like to go on camping trips don’t like to carry a lot with them, but the fact is that you can always find a way to do it.

A lot of the people who go camping don’t like to carry a lot with them, but there are some things that you should always have with you and one of them is wet wipes.

Wet wipes are great to clean yourself and they are also great to keep you clean on your camping trip. The fact is that you will be dirty on your camping trip, no matter what and you need to be ready for that.

3. Use a hand sanitizer:

Even though you might think you’re prepared to go camping, there are a few things you’re going to need that you might not have thought of.

For example, as much as you’d like to get away from it all, that doesn’t mean you have to get away from your personal hygiene. You’ll want to use a hand sanitizer to get rid of the germs you’ll pick up from the trail.

4. Clothing for bedtime:

When you are camping, your day doesn’t end after sundown. If you are heading into the woods, you’re ready to sleep under the stars.

And you’re ready to enjoy a cool breeze and maybe a full moon. You’re settling down for a night of camping. You’re ready for a good night’s rest. So you change into your nightclothes. But wait, what are your night clothes? That’s right, you’re camping so you don’t have any nightclothes.

You’re sleeping in your clothes. And besides, you’re just going to sweat them back off again in the morning. You’re going to get dirty. Everyone knows that camping is dirty. And that’s part of the fun. But your clothes can get dirty in a different way.

In a way that will make you look like a slob when you get into town the next morning. So you need to keep your clothes clean. You need to keep them fresh and clean.

5. Deodorant that is unscented:

Deodorant has become a necessity for people who live in cities. With the polluted air that we breathe in, we need to make sure that our body does not smell. For those who live in the country, this might be of less importance.

But for those who live in a city and are used to a cleaner environment, it is important to make sure that your body does not smell. A clean body is also important for when you spend time in the great outdoors. However, when you go on a camping trip, it can be hard to bring all of your toiletries.

Here are some things you should consider if you are going to be camping and want to keep your body smelling fresh.

6. Hair shampoo that is dry:

Stay clean while camping is the idea that you can still stay clean while camping if you use dry shampoo. While camping, you might be in an area where there is no water, so you’ll have to find a way to stay clean.

One way to stay clean while camping is to use dry shampoo. You just spray the shampoo on your hair and then brush it out. The dry shampoo will soak up the oil from your hair and make your hair look clean.

7. Using a daily rinse:

Camping is a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life. However, it’s inevitable that you will get dirty.

There are a few ways to get clean in the wilderness without sacrificing your hygiene. One of the best ways that you can stay clean while camping is to rinse yourself off with a daily bath. There are a few ways to do this. You can either fill a bucket with water and use that or you can find a stream. Just make sure that the water is clean. Another way that you can stay clean while camping is to take a shower.

While this isn’t ideal, it’s the best option if you don’t have a stream or a bucket. You can use the water at your campsite, the water can be boiled, or you can find a lake that is clean enough to use. The last way that you can stay clean while camping is to brush your teeth.

Make sure that you have a toothbrush that is clean and that you have toothpaste as well. Be careful when you’re brushing your teeth, though, as you can accidentally swallow the toothpaste. If you have to brush your teeth in a stream, try not to swallow the water. You can use your toothbrush to clean your face, hands, or any other part of your body that needs cleaning.

8. Clothing for the Night:

The night is a dangerous time for campers, especially when you are out there in the wild. What are some clothing items that can help you stay safe? The right clothing and accessories can help you stay safe and comfortable while camping at night.

In cold weather, it is important to wear layers of warm clothing that you can take off and put on depending on the temperature. The first layer should be a comfortable pair of pants and a shirt. Next, wear a waterproof, breathable jacket and pants.

You can wear the jacket when it is warm and put on the pants when it is cold. Wear a hat and gloves to keep your head and hands warm. Wear a headlamp so that you can see clearly in the dark.

9. Socks & Underwear Fresh:

Socks are an important part of our lives, they keep our feet warm and protected. But what do you do when you are far away from your house, there is no washing machine and you are forced to sleep in the same pair of socks for two weeks? It’s not the most pleasant thought, but you will have to deal with it if you ever decide to go camping. Maybe you will have to deal with it sooner than you think because you are spending your summer holidays in a tent in the middle of nowhere. But you don’t have to make this experience worse than it already is. I have a few simple ways to keep your socks and underwear fresh.

A Personal Hygiene Checklist

A Personal Hygiene Checklist

1. Toothbrushes and toothpaste: (Recommend) When you go camping, no doubt you’ll want to take a toothbrush with you. But how do you keep it clean? What do you do if you’re out camping and run out of toothpaste? Here are some tips on how to keep your toothbrush clean when you’re camping. Toothbrushes can be difficult to clean after a trip to the forest, the mountains or the beach. The longer you leave the toothbrush (Best One) covered in dirt, the more difficult it will be to clean it – especially if you have a camping trip coming up soon. If you have to store your toothbrush for a long time, it is important that you take care of it. Here are some tips on keeping your toothbrush (Best This One Also) clean:

2. Hand sanitizer & wipes: (I Recommend this one) The average person comes in contact with dozens of different pathogens every day. Most of those pathogens are harmless and the immune system is able to fight them off without us even knowing they were present. But some pathogens can cause serious illness or even death. To prevent this, you need a plan to keep your body as clean as possible. While you can’t be sure that you’ll never encounter a pathogen, you can do a few simple things to reduce your risk of infection.

3. Supplies for the toilet: When it comes to camping, it is a fact that packing and preparing are the most important part. This is because it enables you to have a comfortable experience when you are in your campsite. Even if you are heading to a campground, you still have to bring your own supplies. Be sure that you don’t forget anything. The most important thing that you have to bring with you is a toilet. It is a fact that there are public toilets available in any campground, but you need to know that they might not be well maintained.

4. Lip balm and sunblock: When you camp it is easy to forget about your hygiene. When you are in the woods you are going to be sweating and using your body more than on a normal day. It is important to keep yourself clean while camping. I can’t tell you how many times I have gone camping and had to deal with smelly people. Don’t let that be you! It is super easy to stay clean while camping. All you need is a few things and minimal effort.

5. Towels made of microfiber that dry quickly: What are microfiber travel towels all about? The microfiber travel towel is a towel made of super-fine, microfiber material. The special microfiber thread is woven into an extremely small fabric. Because of the fine thread, the microfiber material is very soft and it dries faster than normal towels. It is also more resistant to mold and mildew.

6. Wearing clothes: Let’s face it, while camping, you will get dirty. If you plan on wearing the same clothes while camping, you will need to wash them. If you are camping in a wilderness area, you will most likely be washing them in a river or lake. I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to wash my clothes in the same water I bathe in, so I always try to go camping with a water filter. If you don’t have a water filter, you can make a water filter from a paper cup, a knife, and some cotton.

7. Liner for sleeping bags: Camping is a great way to get out there, disconnect from the internet and enjoy nature. But you have to deal with dirt and dirt tends to get everywhere, especially when you are out in the wild. And that’s why a camping liner is so awesome. A camping liner is basically a waterproof cover that you can put over your sleeping bag. It keeps dirt and water out and your bag clean, and on top of that, it also makes your bag more comfortable. There are a lot of benefits of having a liner for your sleeping bag and if you ever camp, you should definitely get one for yourself.

Hygiene hacks for being clean while camping:

These hygienic hacks are not only for a specific person. They apply to everyone from a small child to an older man. We know that you bring your children camping to let them know the actual color of natural beauty.

Some pregnant women can be there too and some healthy champs like you and me take a lot of care of their health.

So, hold onto your temper and have a look at these hygienic camping hacks because they are going to keep you clean and healthy during your camping.

What to bring for clean, hygienic camping:

Before you depart for camping, make sure you have counted the following things in your backpack or suitcase because it’s necessary to bring them for hygienic camping over the countryside. 

  • As it is a Corona pandemic these days, get an antibiotic Hand sanitizer to ensure that your hands remain clean while camping. However, hand sanitizer is always recommended as there might be any shortage of water.
  • Get a Biodegradable soap as it is best for washing your clothes, dishes, or even hands. The best thing about it is that you can use it for both purposes like for body and laundry. 
  • Bring a Toothbrush plus Toothpaste for maintaining your dental hygiene. It’s always important to have these in your bag. However, you can also use a natural toothbrush from the branch of a tree.
  • Now think of yourself if you have a baby to carry with you. Get his maximum clothes as some for warm weather and some cold. Nobody is sure about the weather changing at the camping site. Get some baby wipes and tissue papers to clean that little one and some other products you use for him. 
  • There must be a spare Microfiber towel or any towel for cleaning your skin whenever you take a bath or even for your baby. 
  • Get the top products you think you should for using them during your periods so that you may keep yourself safe from the unhygienic antecedents.
  • Avoid overpacking as you must bring only useful things with you because you are camping for just a week or two-three days, not for your entire life. This will decrease your luggage, and you’ll have happy camping. 

That was all about bringing the necessary things for your long go clean camping. For staying clean while camping, you should apply the following hygienic practices. 

Stay clean while camping – Extra Clothes

If you have headed towards your camping site, remember to bring two or three pairs of clothes with you. You shouldn’t wear the same clothes during day time and night time.

As your day will be full of camping adventure and you’ll have many dirt and unhygienic particles on your clothes. If you sleep in the same clothes at night, those germs and dust particles of that strange environment can attack you.

You’ll be amazed to hear that you’ll wake up with the flu or temperature in the morning. So, having an extra pair won’t cause any trouble.

Clean while camping – Moisture wicking clothes

Wearing moisture-wicking clothes while camping would be the best idea to have healthy, hygienic joy. They are often made of wool and synthetic polyester.

So, the sweat will wick away. Moreover, you’ll stay warm and dry when the sun will set, and temperatures get down. 

When you have less moisture and sweat, there will be no worries regarding stinking and bacteria. You’ll be clean and healthy. 

Don’t forget to bring a Camping hygiene kit.

As I have mentioned earlier, this kit includes everything that you might need during your camping. The kit is specially designed for those who prefer a long time camping at the hillside.

Moreover, try to get a medical kit, too, as you might have scratches on your body or hurt while passing through some bushes. So, these things always help in healthy hygienic camping.

Socks and underwear.

Get maximum pairs of socks and underwear with you. For backpacking, you should make sure to pack at least two to three pairs of fresh socks and underwear.

Moreover, having an extra shirt or something will also make you cherish it a lot. 

Using a sleeping bag liner:

Sleeping bag liners are designed in such a way that whenever you sleep, they should add some extra warmth to your sleeping bag. But they are also best to keep you clean from germs.

If you are so tired and consider cleaning yourself a bit of hard work, this liner can help you sleep safely. It won’t let the dust enter into your sleeping bag, plus you can also wash it. 

Use a foot scrub at the day end:

You might be thinking who gives a damn about foot scrubbing at the camping? But believe me, it’s an outstanding practice for keeping yourself healthy and staying away from the killing of germs. 

  • Sit at the shore of a lack, any pound, or wherever the water is available. 
  • Put your feet into the water and use your hand to scrub them.
  • Scrub off any chunks of dirt that are stuck to your feet. Now, for a few minutes, soak them in the water until all the sweat is cleaned off. 
  • Through this, you’ll have clean feet while sleeping, and there won’t be any danger of any melody.

The Best Way To Shower While Camping 

The Best Way To Shower While Camping 

When I was younger, I used to camp quite frequently. However, as I got older and had to take on more responsibilities, I found myself having less and less time to go camping. I mean, I love camping and I want to go as much as I can, but the fact is that it’s so much more enjoyable if you don’t have to worry about things like how to shower when you’re camping. Yes, I know that there are portable shower systems, but they can be quite expensive and they’re not always the most convenient. The solution? Well, it’s pretty simple. Just take a sponge bath while you’re camping.

Taking a shower or bath during camping:

For keeping yourself hygienically safe and healthy, try to take a shower as we know that after taking a shower, you feel fresh, and a lot of diseases flush away from you.

Moreover, you will feel a glimpse of natural clean, and fresh water at your camping.

There are many ways through which you can take a shower and can make yourself clean. Like,

  • In this case, swimming would be best or find a lake, river or pond where the water is falling. 
  • Please don’t try to use soap as this might not be suitable for the water creatures. However, there is enough rinse in the water that can clean your body even without a bar of soap. 
  • Clean yourself thoroughly by rubbing your body with a piece of clothes or hands. 

But if there is a question in your mind about how to stay clean without a shower, you can also apply the following method. 

  • You can also make yourself clean even without going into the water using a “Baby Wipe Sponge Bath.”
  • In that case, Bring a pack of some unscented baby wipes and a Ziplock bag with you on your camping trip for no-shower camping.
  • Wipe your body with the baby wipes and make it completely clean.
  • You can also do this for your little one as he might face a lot of hygienist issues.
  • Now put the baby wipes inside the Ziplock as they are non-biodegradable. 

How to wash hair while camping

You can also do to stay clean while camping is to wash your hair or keep them clean.

This thing only applies to those with long hair or for women. For washing or keeping your hair clean, you have to do certain things. 

  • If you are a woman, make two braids of your hairs as it will be best for keeping them clean from any bushes or dust.
  • In the case of men, bring a cap or some thin piece of cloth with you. Have it on your head while adventuring, and keep your hair clean.
  • In this case, if you have to wash them, use some hot water or some fresh water and clean your hair with it.
  • You can also use dry shampoo as it is like a dry powder that keeps your hairs clean. You can keep them clean even without washing them. 

What To Do While Camping With Laundry 

What To Do While Camping With Laundry 

Camping is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors. You get to be one with nature, and there’s a sense of freedom that comes with it. But there’s one thing that’s often forgotten when people go camping: the laundry!

Sure, you can get by with the “no underwear” rule, but then, you’ll have to wear the same shirt for days, and everyone knows what that means. You’ll get really, really smelly. So, how do you go about doing your laundry while you’re camping? Well, the good news is that there are lots of ways to do your laundry while camping, and you won’t have to miss out on the fun!

Are Wash-Free Clothes a Good Idea 

Are Wash-Free Clothes a Good Idea 

Wash-free clothes have been on the market for a while now and they are not going away. These clothes are designed to be worn for weeks, months, even years without ever needing a wash. “How is this even possible?” you might ask. The answer: special fabric treatments that make them self-cleaning and odor resistant.

Wash-free clothes are not a new idea. In fact, they have been around for a while. The first wash-free garments were designed and sold back in the early 2000s, but the technology has improved quite a bit since then. Today, the wash-free clothing industry is booming.

How to wash clothes while camping:

Now, suppose your two-day camping plan has converted into ten days or more, and you have two pairs of clothes, so how would you manage that? Well, not an issue as you can wash your clothes for having healthy and clean, hygienic clothing while camping. For washing clothes, you’ll have to do the following things.

  • Wash your clothes, underwear, and socks while ensuring that you have spared some for using as the other will be wet.
  • Try to wash them only on a sunny or warm day. However, if there is an intense need, set a boon fire and dry them but beware of ruining them.
  • Try to bring a zip-packed pot with you as it will not be too much more solemn and can solve your problem of washing clothes. 
  • Try to use soap in a minimum capacity as the water is good enough for cleaning them.
  • Now put each and everything in the pot and do laundry.
  • Once they have all cleaned, put them or hang them before the sun because the sunlight will remove their germs. 
  • Grab your pot with that biodegrade-able soap water and get rid of it by throwing it away in the forest and at least at a maximum distance from your tent.
  • You’ll see you’ll again have clothes for spending more days at your camping site. 

How to wash dishes while camping

Well, that’s true that you will have only a few dishes with you in which you’ll eat and cock, so it’s necessary for you to know how you clean them.

They will be safe from bacterial growth if you have planned long camping.

Things are slightly different in the outer environment than in your home because of certain natural factors. For purified hygiene camping, try to wash your dishes in the following way.
How to stay clean while camping
  • When you have finished your meal, put your dishes in a pot and fill them with water.
  • Use soap as little as you can and remove any food with your hands by scrubbing. 
  • Now, they are cleaned, so let them dry or scrunch them with the towel or any spare cloth used for cleaning. But the fabric must be clean itself too. 
  • Do the same with the dirty water as you did while doing laundry.
  • Here you go, your dishes are ready for usage again. 

Staying Clean While Using Nature’s Bathroom  

Staying Clean While Using Nature's Bathroom  

No matter how careful you are, there are always going to be some unpleasantries that come from camping. No matter how clean you are, it is difficult to avoid a little grime while you are roughing it in the wilderness.

If you have ever gone camping before, you know that the bathroom facilities are not exactly the most luxurious in the world, and the thought of using a regular toilet is not something that comes to mind when you are in the middle of the woods. If you have ever gone camping before, you know that the bathroom facilities are not exactly the most luxurious in the world, and the thought of using a regular toilet is not something that comes to mind when you are in the middle of the woods.

Don’t think that you have to hang your head in shame when nature calls, because there is a solution to this problem. Before you go camping, you should make sure that you have everything that you need for your trip. This includes everything from tents to flashlights, and there are some things that you need to bring that you may not be thinking about. One of these things is a portable toilet.

Stay clean while camping- During periods

If you are a woman, then you can better understand this. The situation might be critical for you during your periods, and there will be a greater fear of germs attack.

In this way, you’ll fall ill and won’t be able to enjoy your camping. It is necessary to take everything with you that you use during regular days when you face periods.

Keep yourself as as clean you can because there is nothing more important than your health itself. 

Don’t bring non-hygienic products with you- final tip.

The final thing you should consider is not bringing unnatural hygienic products with you at camping.

This will keep the environment safe for future visitors. Don’t spread too much pollution so that the environment must be clean and healthy.

In this case, bring only unscented products. The others are harmful to the outer life at camping.


How do you keep your vagina clean while camping?

Women should avoid wearing synthetic underwear while camping. Choose cotton panties instead. Never wear tight clothes and always change underwear regularly. While camping avoid wearing jeans and shorts. Always wear loose-fitting clothes. Always change underwear and panty regularly.

How do you stay clean while camping without a shower?

Like you, I love to go camping. It is one of those very few activities which are simple yet so rewarding. With just a tent and a backpack, you can set out on a journey that is both spiritual and physical. And what could be better than starting your day with a nice hot shower? It’s not possible to carry a shower with you, though. But that does not mean that your camp has to be dirty. Here is a list of things you could do during your trip to keep your body clean and fresh.

1. Take a bath in clean rivers and ponds. Be careful not to fall in.

2. Take a bath with a towel. Nobody likes dry shampoo, but when there is no other option, you can always opt for dry shampoo.

3. Bring a toothbrush and toothpaste. You do not want your camping trip to be marred by cavities, do you?

4. Bring a small box of baby wipes. You won’t want to smell like an animal after a long day of hiking. Bear Grylls never looks dirty. He has access to showers to clean himself up. Copying him is not an option. The only way out is to use a natural solution that is easy and simple to use. These are a few baby wipes. You can buy them in case you are going to be camping in a forest or in a city.

How do you not smell when camping?

Spray a mixture of water and baking soda on your sleeping bag and tent. You can also take a small piece of fabric or cotton and put that in your pocket or socks. This will absorb your sweat and deodorize you. In the morning, wash the fabric with warm water and soap and put it in your tent. This is an easy way to enjoy camping as you will not be stinky!


Thanks for making it till the end of this article. I hope that your question on how to stay clean while camping has got multiple solutions now. These hygienic hacks should be in everyone’s mind before getting out camping. Take every precaution and look from each angle before leaving home.

Try to call a local help center in case of any emergency while camping. Always take care of yourself and your dear ones. So, I guess this was it. Let’s see you with another idea; till then, good luck, and have hygienic and healthy camping. 

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