How To Insulate Tent For Summer – 11 Best Ways 2022

How To Insulate Tent For Summer
How To Insulate Tent For Summer

How To Insulate Tent For Summer With summer come the long and sunny days, the excitement of playing outdoor games, cooking in the open, and having lots of fun.

All these activities make summer camping all the more attractive to nature lovers. But the summer heat will be a great challenge, ruining your whole trip and making it hard for you to get a good night’s sleep.

This will obviously set you thinking about how to insulate a tent for summer.

This is really important because if your tent is not properly protected from the sun’s rays they will be absorbed by the fabric of the tent. The heat which is trapped in the fabric will in turn heat up the interior of the tentmaking your days and nights unbearable.


11 Best Ways How To Insulate Tent For Summer:

  1. Selection of the Right Tent:
  2. Tent Set-Up in a Shaded Spot:
  3. Digging A Pit
  4. Set-Up The Tent At Sun-Set
  5. Use Thermal Tarps
  6. Remove The Tentflap
  7. Using a Fan
  8. Using Ice
  9. Don’t Use Sleeping Bags
  10. Take Light-Weight Clothes
  11. Do Away With The Tent

How To Insulate Tent For Summer However, there are some ways and means for tent that stays cool in summer when temperatures

1. Selection of the Right Tent:

The first thing to be done is to buy a tent that gives you lots of airflows. Your tent should be of a light fabric with lots of mesh windows. Although polyester and nylon tents are good a cotton tent is cooler.

And if your budget allows, a large cabin-style tent will give you more ventilation, keeping the interior cool.

2. Tent Set-Up in a Shaded Spot:

To ensure the tent that stays cool it should be set up in a shaded place. The leaves of the trees will take the heat of the sun and the tent, not being in the direct sunlight will remain cool.

It would be really a cherry on the cake if we find a lake or river and set up our tent nearby. This will result in a cool breeze blowing through the windows and cooling off the interior.

3. Digging A Pit:

Although not the best-insulated tent house as it has its limitations, digging a two feet deep pit is also one of the ways to keep your tent cool.

So if it’s possible we can dig the pit and set up our tent in it. Actually, the soil underneath will be cooler, consequently, the floor and the tent’s interior will become cool.

4. Set-Up The Tent At Sun-Set:

Pitching your tent on a hot day will make your tent heat up in no time. So a sure way to keep it cooler is to set up your tent just before sunset.

5. Use Thermal Tarps:

Using a reflective sunshade for a tent is a good idea as these thermal tarps reflect the rays of the sun and thus keep the tent relatively cool.

To get the most out of these tarps we should tie them to tree branches so that they cover the tent like a roof. But we should be sure that a gap is left between the top of the tent and the tarp so that air can pass through them.

6. Remove The Tentflap:

If there is no prediction of rain you can remove the tent fly. Tents have the rain fly at the entrance which keeps the moisture out.

But because the rain-fly is made of a thick material so it keeps the heat in and raises the temperature of the tent. So if there is no rain in the weather forecast you can always remove the rain fly.

This will let the air come in and there will be enough ventilation in the tent. This will bring the temperatures down and thus cool down the tent.

If you have a sunshade or tarp over your tent then you don’t need the rain fly even when it’s raining and this will make the interior of the tent really cool.

7. Using a Fan:

Be sure to take along a camping fan in the summers because these fans are a real-life-saver when the temperatures are high. If the camping site you are staying at does not have any electricity then battery-operated fans are also available.

8. Using Ice:

Well if your fan is not helping much then you will be faced with the question of how to keep your tent cool and that is by using blocks of ice.

We can put the block of ice in a deep pan and put it in front of the fan. It will in no time cool down the air and make the interior comfortable. However, the dish we are using should be deep enough to contain all the water from the melted ice.

9. Don’t Use Sleeping Bags:

Another hack by which you can ensure that your tent stays cool is that whenever you go summer camping you should remember to take some extra sheets with you.

You would never want to sleep in your sleeping bag on these hot nights. Instead, you can lay on top of the bag and use the sheet as a cover.

10. Take Light-Weight Clothes:

According to science dark-colored clothes always absorb more heat so it’s advisable to pack light-weight and light-colored clothes when going for summer camping.

Light colors do not absorb but reflect the heat and allow the air to pass more freely through the material.

11. Do Away With The Tent:

There will be days when nothing you do will make any difference in the intensity of the heat. On such days you will be better off if you sleep in the open. For this, you can tie a hammock between a couple of trees.

You will feel the air all around your body and will sleep well.

Hoping that after knowing how to cool a tent without electricity you will enjoy your summer camping.


Camping can be really fun and camping in the clear and sunny days of summer only make it more enjoyable. But these hot days of summer can also make your tents unbearably hot threatening to ruin your fun. However, there are several ways and means by which you can keep your tent cool.

 We hope that this article has succeeded in answering most of your queries and by now you must have learned how to insulate a tent for summer. We hope that the next time you go for summer camping you will have enough know-how of how to keep your tent cool.

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