How to hang light in tent 2022 – 5 Right Ways

How To Hang Light In Tent
How To Hang Light In Tent

How To Hang Light In Tent Imagine arriving at your campsite quite late in the afternoon and getting to work immediately as there is very little time left in the sunset.

With everyone working soon you have the tent pitched and everything in place and ready but there is something missing. Of course, the lights light up and make the interior cheerful.

Here you are at a loss, wondering how to hang the light in tent.

We are here with a solution to your problems. Read through the article because it will tell you how to hang light in tent.


5 Right Ways How to hang light in tent:

  1. Magnet
  2. Velcro
  3. Candle Lantern
  4. Lanterns
  5. Campsite Lighting.

1. Magnet:

If you want to put up a string of lights in your tent, attach a magnet to the lights and then the other piece of the magnet should be secured outside the tent.

However, you should make sure that the magnet should be attached directly to the tent, before putting on the rainfly, because like this the attachment will be more secure.

You can also glue the magnet to the lights or get the string of lights that already have magnets attached to them. Duct Tape can also be used to tape the magnets to the tent.

To place the magnets correctly you have to drape the lights on the outside of the tent so that when you get inside the tent the lights will be hung securely because the magnets would be in their exact positions.

Magnets are also used to attach the lights to the tent, some lantern-style lights do come with large magnets for hanging. Furthermore, if your tent has metal poles then these lights can be easily attached to them.

Some metal poles do not work well with magnets so if you want to use these poles for hanging your lights check out this factor first.

In order to obtain the best results in hanging the string lights make use of both the magnets and the tent straps. The straps will keep the lights from falling and the magnets will keep their position right.

These straps will also make it much easier to hang the lantern lights because if they are only hung by magnets, the magnets might not have enough strength to hold them.

I hope that by now you must have got a fair idea of how to hang string lights in your tent.

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2. Velcro:

There is another method that would answer your question about hanging lights in your tent. You can also use Velcro in place of a magnet to hang your lights.

Here you simply have to glue a piece of Velcro to the light source and the other piece of Velcro will be attached inside the tent as this is different from a magnet.

Double-sided Velcro is also available in the market but its glue would not be strong enough to hold up a lantern. Here some strong glue is also recommended which would stay in your tent for future use also.

Although this requires a little more work than attaching with the magnets then this attachment will help you in the future also.

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3. Candle Lantern:

There are many other camping tent lighting ideas, we will talk of another method here.

The soft, warm glow of the candlelight appears to be the most comforting and inviting of all. But the problem with candlelight is that it can be easily extinguished with the slightest breeze, though this can be solved with the help of a candle lantern.

The candle-lantern will give you a soft, warm glow which gives everything a gentle touch. It will provide you with enough light to see each other but the light won’t be so strong that you have to blink in it.

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4. Lanterns:

Another great way to light your tent is with the help of lanterns that work with batteries, though solar-powered lanterns are also available in the market.

You can use zip-ties to hang these lanterns from your tent or you can simply tie them to the frame of the tent. These lanterns come in different shapes and sizes and those which are small and light-weight can be packed easily in your camping gear.

Due to its shape, it’s quite practical to use, you can either hang it from your tent or place it on the floor. And then it can be easily taken to the place wherever you are working and need light.

5. Campsite Lighting:

Propane or butane-powered lights are the best to provide light in the area surrounding your tent. These lights are quite powerful and work better than battery-operated lights.

They make a little noise while in operation and their light is also quite bright because of which they are not practical inside the tent. However, you can use natural lanterns in your tent. They give a real flame which might give out a little warmth in addition to the light.

Then there are small LED lights that are moveable. Drive a stick in the ground and tie these lights to the stick. Whenever you are going on a night excursion you can set these lights outside your tent and they will light up the area nicely.

These motion lights will also keep the wild animals away as animals are afraid of bright lights.


I hope that by going through this article you must have got all the knowledge of how to hang light in tent.

You must have known by now that it’s not difficult at all and there are some very trendy and innovative products in the market that can really help you out. Remember that camping is real fun but why not make it more with the help of these great products and ideas.

They will certainly help you out with some creative and fun camp lighting and you will enjoy your trip much more than you expected. Hope that next time you hang lights in your camping tent, you find it easy and you are well equipped for it.

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