Can You Live In a Campsite in 2022: Best Guide

Can you live in a campsite

Can you live in a campsite? If you come here you want to know this answer, okay? You are in the right place! The camp with the plot is the best option to stay longer.

So we have prepared a guide to the facilities that can enjoy your holiday in the camp. Don’t waste time. Are you ready to start your camera life? We did what!

Camping facilities for long-term accommodation

I live in camping for a while, many facilities will make your stay unforgettable, you want to know what we are talking about? Here you have everything that should be campsite to spend a long stay. find out!


Can you live in a campsite Best Guide

Plot or mobile houses, choices are yours!

Do you have a caravan or motor home? Then you will fit a long-standing plot with 90 m 2 to adjust your car and still have enough space to put your out items.

But yet you have said it better, can you imagine what it is? There is a long plot satellite TV, light and free WiFi. Although, later two, you must notify you and pay attention. Even, it’s all done!

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Don’t you do the caravan or motor home?

There is no meaning to stay in the campground. Mobile home is perfect in pleasant and camping for your stay, feel at home! Ideal if you want to stay camping so far, but without the rest of the house.

What do we mean? 5 people, two bedrooms, living rooms, adjust your kitchen, bathroom, and ceiling. Apart from all the goods bedding, towels, dishes, and television. Can you ask more? You choose the option you are appropriate for!

In the case of camping Villamar, price days that you will depend on us, more days depending on the total number of days, it will be more economical! Yes, yes, as you read it. We want to be a unique experience and sometimes your heart.

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Long setting camping supermarket

Supermarket? Yes, yes it’s! If you do not need to scroll to the closest center then this type of campsite is their own supermarket. The installation for long-term stays is as necessary as you are looking for. What do you think?

Make your daily purchase in the grocery store and you only need to get everything you need for your day at the place of camping from your plot or mobile home.

Laundry, grooming, and hygiene

If you are spending a long time in a camping space, then it is necessary that you can wash clothes and wash up in case of living in a plot.

For this, it is necessary laundry available with washers and dryers that camping. In this way, you can enjoy fun, nasty and a problem without giving a problem.

In addition, you are living in a plot with your caravan, camping must be equipped with a toilet and hygiene area, fully essential elements.

And if you need to get beautiful or beautiful during our stay with us, we have the solution! And it’s very easy and practical since Villamar is also an incredible hairdresser.

And do you tell us the pool?

Stay in a campground, your pool is a strong advantage, you are enjoying every time! For small and with areas for elderly citizens.

Whether the summer or winter, the annual camping places are generally complete to entertain and work ready to enjoy the pool, you.

Sports facilities, I enjoy myself!

Do not spend funny moments and why not really play the selected site, make the perfect facilities? Make health!

The football pitch is an ideal place to hold the tournament between the other campers living in Villamar camping. But, we also think of the elderly!

And because of this, we have performed in our pools during the summer, courts, similar water aerobics class or water dance summer.

Are you more of water games? The site is to keep in mind that an atmosphere of the best beaches should be placed. Why? For sports such as diving, sailing, or even windsurfing games. Your selection!

Restaurant and Cafe

Or even after remembering a few games on the football pitch, after I have a good time with some of my activities, among the baths, while enjoying your favorite drinks while I have a break in the cafeteria. Take or drink if you want the most. We leave you for your selection!

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