What Tent to Buy for Group Long Term Camping 2022

Once summer is over, the campsites are empty again. However, for many vacations and occasional campers, it goes without saying that they travel only in tents, caravans, or mobile homes in hot weather.

But even if it’s cold again in the country, real camping fans don’t have to do without enjoying it: “permanent camping” is the keyword. Throughout Europe, there are many campsites that are open all year round and offer long-term camping pitches.

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The following is a guide about long-term camping. Our campsites are open all year round in any European country and throughout other parts of the world.


What Tent to Buy for Group Long Term Camping Guide

What to consider when choosing a permanent camp location?

Once you have decided that permanent camping is for you, it is a matter of finding the right place for it. Do you already have a campsite in mind that will make you feel at home and that rents out permanent pitches? wonderful!

For those who still have no expectations, we’ve put together a few criteria that can be helpful when choosing a permanent campsite:

How do you find the right permanent campsite?

Maybe you are already well connected to the camping scene or you have friends who are passionate about camping and can suggest you a great place.

Fortunately, there is also the Internet: on the website www.camping.info, you can find camping sites in your area of ​​interest, including places that are open all year round.

The ADAC Camping Guide also offers a comprehensive search of the campsite.

What kind of permanent camping would you like?

If you just want to get back to this place regularly during the summer months, for example, to spend the weekend there, it will probably be much easier for you to find a suitable campsite in your area.

On the other hand, if you really want to keep your caravan or mobile home in one place all year round, it becomes a bit difficult: because not all campsites are open all year round.

Some are completely closed in the winter, while others take a few weeks off in November and December.

What facilities would you like from your permanent campsite?

For short-term stays, you may not be able to raise your standards that high. The important thing is that this place is beautifully located and comfortable.

But if you stay there for weeks or months at a time or come back regularly, you may wish for more relaxation – close to shops, a good restaurant, a TV or internet connection, modern sanitary facilities. Just make a list of things. Without which you definitely don’t want to.

Why permanent camping?

Long-term camping is ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to camp just once or twice a year but wants to return to “their” campsite regularly.

With a permanent pitch, you can avoid the hustle and bustle of the big city and everyday life at any time and enjoy the feeling of nature and freedom at your favorite campsite.

A caravan or mobile home can replace an expensive vacation home – and offer more flexibility. The mobile home can be set up on a permanent pitch for a long period of time – for a few months or for a whole year. Costs for this are usually pleasantly low.

Absence of nomadism.

There are many different types of long-term camping: some set up long-term camping at their favorite place, plant a small fence and garden gnomes in front of their mobile home, or make a small garden with a few planters. Other long-term campers, on the other hand, appreciate their mobility and flexibility – after a while, they are moved to another location.

Knaus Campingparks may have the right offer for everyone for which long-term mobile camping is important: With the FLEX customer card, campers can combine different Knaus Group campuses.

Permanent accommodation at the campsite

Using a caravan or mobile home as permanent residence is only possible in Germany to a limited extent and under strict conditions. But for many, living permanently in a campground is a dream – whether for financial reasons or to associate with other campers.

Some long-term campers have actually designated a campsite as their primary residence. However, it always depends on the regulations of the relevant municipality.

An overview of campsites in Italy suitable for long-term campers can be found here.

And now we can get started.

Do you smell rats? Then go – secure your permanent parking space! By the way, you can use our large camping checklist to check your luggage immediately.

We wish you much fun and good rest!

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