How to wash a tent in washing machine

We all know that when people planned to go camping first they look for a tent. Sometimes it is not possible to buy a new tent every time but after few camps tent becomes dirty and needs a wash but safe wash. When you are going to wash your tent you must have following questions like this How to wash a tent in washing machine?So many other queries related to this are given below

  • People want to know about DIY tent cleaner
  • People have question that which type of Tent wash detergent they should use?
  • People want to know that how to wash a large tent?
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People mostly have short time or they never want to wash a large tent by hand so they just want to wash tent in machine but they know that tent integrity is very important and if tent lose it’s waterproof quality in front of heavy loading machine then it can create problem for then so here we will tell you that

How to wash a tent in washing machine?

Yes it is true that you can wash your tent in washing machines but it is not a wise idea for always. You can safe you time and energy washing your tent by washing machine but it increase the risk of damages.

That are given below.

  • Waterproof lamination may damaged.
  • Tent may melt.
  • Tent fabric may torn or even tent seams also torn.

If you still want to wash a tent in washing machine then read following instructions which can less chances to life integrity if tent.

Follow the steps to wash a tent in washing machine.

  1. Before putting your tent in washing machine it is necessary to know that tent size should be normal not much larger.
  2. You should never put your tent in top loading washing machine.
  3. If it is must then arrange a large, industrial size front loading machine with gentle cycle.
  4. After a cycle rinse the detergent and hang to dry it.
  5. Now you must have to reapply the UV coating.
  6. And need waterproofing sprays also.
  7. After this your tent is ready for next camping.

Wash a tent in washing machine not should be a first choice but if you do this you may face this.


  • Washing by machine safe your time and energy .
  • When you wash tent in washer you can do other tasks during a machine cycle.


  • We know mostly tent made by nylon and they can easily tear in a washer.
  • Tent may lose lamination of waterproofing.
  • Tent also may not be able to stop UV lights on next camping.


So here in this article we told you about How to wash a tent in washing machine?

Here we talk about in detail that tent should not wash in washing machine but if for some reasons you can’t wash by hand then follow the upper 7 instructions to wash your tent in machine.

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