How to take care of your watch in summer?

One of the largest watches of care experts gives us the basic guidelines to avoid surprises

How to take care of your watch in summer

The answer is simple: more than usual. And that is the summer travel, enjoying, relaxing and, above all, not complicating life, even for our cute clock.

In the experiment, it has been ordered that the summer has done special care for our watch to be dedicated to the clock because during the years we have learned such plans and suggestions with which to maintain the life of this device. Every day of our lives is linked to the pulse. However, we have believed that it would be very professional to consult the greatest experts for watches, maintenance, and repair.

Fernando Sosa Briganti is Customer Service Director at LVMH Watch and Jewelry Spain. He has been in this group for 18 years and before, many others in the Richemont group.

The best thing is that you follow all your recommendations in the letter, as well as if we asked about motorcycle care in the summer (preferably a Harley or Triumph, as it has) The advice will not be less professional. However, this computer of Uruguayan origin, which is converted into a watchmaker in Spain, is the cocaine of mechanics. In this case, the best conversation between authority and even more, great communication and clients. Well, and, above all, a great deal of talk and friend of your friends.

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The clock maintenance

The first thing is to make sure to take care of the clock. Similarly, when we go on a journey, we check the perfect state of the car (oil, tire inflation, etc …), on the clock, it is also important that the pair is in good condition and the hermit is a service officer. Avoid confirmed, unnecessary dislikes.

Check the status of the bracelet

It is also important to confirm the status of a belt or bracelet. A bad strap or bracelet can eliminate the breakdown with a lot of slack, always in the most unexpected moment, and forcing us to lose or break the clock.

Remember that leather straps do not indicate water, since, of course, they get damaged. Sadly, authentic leather straps usually cost more.

If we are bathing with the clock, rubber straps or metal bracelets are essential.

Reasons Why Clocks Are Important

Are watches really waterproof?

We must know that not all watches serve everything and that each one has a level of hermostaticity that allows us to do not underwater, under or vice versa, where we It forces it to be maintained with water.

With ISO standards, you have to be very careful with potential (and more) misunderstandings. “Water-resistant 30 meters” does not mean that you can dive with this clock in-depth, but only allows the clock to accidentally sprinkle or face the rain.

It is recommended that the clock be at least 100 meters waterproof to sink with it. And from 150 or 200 meters we can also dive with it.

Apply fresh water after the swim in the sea

If we bathe in the sea, we will have a watch with fresh water as soon as possible. It is not good for the clock to be in touch with Salt Peter. Although you can take advantage of the shower when you get out of the sea to do the first cleaning on the beach, it is very recommended to wash it with soap and water at home later.

Check the crown pink (if applicable)

In the clocks with a thread crown, you have to make sure that it is properly surrounded before going into the water. Sometimes, for example, when we change the date from 30 to 1 month, we forget to repeat the crown, and in these cases, the clock stops to be hermetic and even more important It is that sales guarantee will not be taken into account. !

In icon, Seiko’s Prospex model, provided with thread to thread, is the first diving clock’s modern interpretation.

Changes temperature

If we look at the fog inside the clock, in the circle, the reason is that there is probably some problem that requires intervention. It may be that after a few minutes, the Wahoo disappears, which will be a sign of fogging due to a sudden change in temperature.

If we are lying in the sun, more than understandable, since the clock is at high temperatures and then we enter the water, which is less than 18º Celsius or less at the temperature but if they retain Lives or appears more often, then it is better to take it to the public service as soon as possible to avoid big evils.

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