How to Keep a Fire Going in the Rain 2022: 8 Easy Tips

How to Keep a Fire Going in the Rain
How to Keep a Fire Going in the Rain

How to Keep a Fire Going in the Rain Having just set up your tent you are thinking of sitting back and enjoying a perfect camping trip.

But suddenly the rain starts dampening everything around, your ‘spirits’ included. All your dreams of enjoying a perfect campfire are dashed to pieces.

But with time you find different solutions to overcome this problem and to enjoy nature in such weather. So now let’s help you find the answer to this oft-asked question of how to keep a fire going in the rain.


8 Easy Tips How to Keep a Fire Going in the Rain

  1. Placing a Log on Top of the Fire:
  2. Use a Tarp for Shelter:
  3. Use Tinfoil:
  4. Build a Campfire Table
  5. Place Tinder and Kindling in a Plastic Bag
  6. Supply Oxygen
  7. Dig a Pit
  8. Laying the Fire.

There are many ways to start a fire in the rain, such as How to Keep a Fire Going in the Rain

1. Placing a Log on Top of the Fire:

So in this method, you place large, dry firewood on top of your campfire. The logic behind this is that the large log will protect the fire from the rain and the underside of the log is also lighted, this further facilitates the fire.

But you have to keep in mind that to keep the fire burning in the rain you have to keep some additional firewood and kindle at hand.

2. Use a Tarp for Shelter:

We usually value something when it comes in handy and finding a tarp in your camp gear when it’s raining, is a blessing in disguise. Tarps serve as great shelters in protecting your campfires during rain.

Though you have to make sure it should be stretched high above the fire so that it does not catch fire. Another thing to keep in mind is to build it in a flat shape so that water can gather on the top and underneath it remains dry.

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3. Use Tinfoil:

You have a huge campfire crackling away merrily, giving you a warm and homely feeling when all of a sudden it starts raining heavily.

You are taken by surprise and are totally at a loss of how to protect the campfire from rain. At this time you can take tinfoil and place it on top of the fire, being an excellent water-repellent it will not only protect the fire but also won’t catch fire.

Another advantage will be that it will block the wind causing the fire to burn slower and thus last longer.

4. Build a Campfire Table:

Improvisation really comes in handy when you are camping because there may be times when you forget to bring some important camp gear.

One way of protecting your fire from the rain is to build sort of a table above your fire. For this, you will take four same length branches and stick them in the ground in the shape of a square.

And then you can place a plastic sheet on top. Although the method is not perfect in hard times something is better than nothing.

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5. Place Tinder and Kindling in a Plastic Bag:

By now you are well aware of the fact that you should have enough kindling and tinder in order to be well-prepared and know how to start a fire in the rain.

A great tip is that instead of putting the kindling in the fireplace you can put it in a plastic bag to keep it dry and should only take it out when you have to light the fire.

Sometimes it so happens that you run out of any tinder, at such times a little improvisation comes in. You can shave a stick, peeling off its wet bark, and you will get lots of dry pieces of wood.

Some dry lint can do the trick or if nothing is available you can use teabags dipped in wax. Another hack is to rub some petroleum jelly on a cotton ball and cover the ball with some tinfoil.

At the time of lighting the fire, you can cut the foil in the shape of an X. the petroleum jelly will burn for quite some time.

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6. Supply Oxygen:

To keep your fire burning you have to ensure that the air flows to your fire. Especially at the beginning when the firewood is starting to catch fire.

So in the early stages when you are trying to build up the fire you should use a rigid plate to fan the fire and to pump the oxygen in.

Because if you choose a loose and delicate pumping material it might bend and the airflow can go in different directions. The fireplace also should be in such a place where it is exposed to airflow.

7. Dig a Pit:

When you dig the ground the top wet layer will be removed and you will get a dry base for your campfire. But the problem is that if there is pouring rain then the water will collect in the pit making you wonder how to light a bonfire when its wet.

One of the techniques is to dig a little tunnel for the drainage of the water. And then again it’s advisable to build the fire on an incline with the tunnel facing downwards to hasten the water drainage.

8. Laying the Fire:

There are different ways to lay the fire according to the different situations you face.

Like if it’s raining then it’s always better to lay the fire in a ‘lean-to’ or A-Frame position. In this position, you will put the layers of fuel-wood over the fire and thus protect it from the rain.

Then there is the ‘lean-to’ position which is used when it’s windy and rainy. And if it is raining lightly then you put a big log over the burning kindling. The underside of the log will catch fire from the kindling.


You are obviously baffled and fail to comprehend how to keep a fire going in the rain before learning the different techniques of building a campfire and keeping it going under the pouring rain. And eventually, you learn that there are limitless options to do so.

There are a lot of useful ways that can be carried out by both the expert campers and the beginners. So in the future, there’s no need to cancel your camping plans due to the forecast of rains.

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