How to clean a tent that smells Easy Tips 2022

How to clean a tent that smells

How to clean a tent that smells is a big question. After camping people want to clean their tents just because their tent becomes dirty or sometimes they become foul-smelling.

So for the next camping, they just want a clean and smell-free tent. But it is not just after you come back from camping when you unpack your tent after a long time stored especially away all winter then you face a foul smell that may be due to mild and mildew quick growth on the wet tent fabric.

This happens when you put it on the wet palace or if you wash before storing and the tent did not dry properly before storing then mold grow quickly as we all know.

Some people also do not like the new unpacked things so after buying a new tent they just want to remove this smell also. Don’t worry here we are writing for you can fix it easily just by little elbow grease. Sometimes people are also searching for the following answers given below.

What is a tent cleaning solution?

How we can enjoy the tent cleaning service?

How to remove the tent smell?

A tent is the most important thing to have when you are camping. Without it, you are not going to have any place to sleep or store your belongings.

The tent you purchase should have at least two doors, so it is easier to get in and out of. If you are in the market for a great lightweight tent, I recommend the Coleman Sundome 6. It is an affordable option that is perfect for novice campers.

The Coleman Sundome 6. is easy to set up and takedown, which allows you to spend more time doing fun activities with friends or family.

That is why it is important to make sure you take the time to clean and maintain your tent. The condition of your tent will directly affect the condition of your trip.

It is important to make sure you maintain your tent’s structure and integrity. Your tent will need to be cleaned and properly maintained. Otherwise, you will not be able to use it and you will end up wasting your money!

So here we suggest that never use household detergent just start washing with simple water and specialized detergent that will not directly impact the fabric and can’t affect the performance of the tent. Here properly we tell that How to clean a tent that affect

So put the following things with you when you start washing your tent.

  • Large Bathtub.
  • Sponge.
  • Any soft specialized cleaner.
  • A little dish soap.

Read below and know steps about How to clean a tent that smells

First of all you have to point out the dirty areas and then spot clean with water and the sponge that is soaked in soap.

  • Take a little warm water and add some specialized cleaner to it according to your tent size.
  • Now just drown the tent and start hand wash.
  • Remember don’t rub the inner side ofthe tent fly because you may destroy the waterproof coating.
  • After this rinse with flowing water until the tent becomes free from the soapy residue.
  • Now just keep your tent in sunlight and allow it to completely dry.


  • Ultimately you should clean your tent in 30 minutes.
  • Give almost 6-8 hours to your tent for dry after wash.


Here we tell our readers that how they can safely wash their tent and remove the foul smell from it. But we also write hers that how by keeping some important points in mind you can wash your tent safely and escape from any damage.

Here we will suggest one thing more than to remove smell never use a fragrant smell because it attracts insects. So you have to choose a cleaner that should not have a dark smell. Hope this article will help you more.

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