Camping in the rain without dying trying 2022: Easy Guide

Camping in the rain without dying trying

Provide guidance so that temporary dissatisfaction do not spoil your visit

It is no secret that camping is not an easy task or boat ride, but it can come to see a lot after catching the rain and you can not be prepared well: promote your stack, Increase the store and even take it down.

It’s a temporary evil pursuit you have more than the possibility, and therefore it is important that you consider the suggestions to practice this type of situation. We recommend a guide to temporarily unusual solutions and the rain does not stop you to stop enjoying your getaway:

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Camping in the rain without dying trying Easy Guide

Do you have to go camping in the rain or is it a good idea to do so? We’ll tell you what you need to know about camping in the rain, so you can figure out if it’s a good idea to do so.

1. Choose the best place for the camp

It is recommended to avoid all costs to keep tents in the following places:

The region with clear dimensions on rocks or soft ground, with illegal soil.

In the dry river channel, because the rain is too high, it can turn around the water.

Any site that is often being flooded, is a sign of debris or very narrow areas for this theory. The water can be directed towards these areas and can flood them in the case of minutes during the storm.

The best place to set up your small camp will be a high, flat, and dry land that is not sensitive to become soil with the minimum appearance of water.

2. The store properly mounted

If you find yourself losing yourself before the situation of putting the store, you should install a waterproof canvas that first stops the store and before it is installed Be.

Some brands have already added waterproof canvas associated with the store’s roof, so the interior will not get wet.

Then you have to stiff and graze the store to avoid leaks and that the bars are broken by the wind.

3. Use an additional canvas as an extra ceiling

Even if necessary, you can use an additional sweep to tie its closest trees (if there), but remember to recognize that water is not permanent. Make sure to remove the corners on the edge of the store to prevent water from falling on top of it.

Another authority is to take the canvas on the entrance floor and take there under clothes or wet objects to take there with water in the store.

4. Select where you are going to camp and suggest a forecast

It is clear that according to the destination you will have to face the least risk, but even though you do not have a habit in this place, it is not necessary to advise weather forecast. Although it is not badly described, we recommend you to take the climate that the climate makes you:

O waterproof, because in the rain state you are likely to touch you.

Bag for a bag that avoids water entry and keeps your things safe. Another waterproof bag to move your sleeping bag and you do not need to sleep on the wet. You can also take plastic bags to find your shoes and do not put the store entrance.

If you take firewood, always try to carry and take it in the bag to dry it as possible.

Due to heater and gloves, even in the summer, Hydifubic gloves will help you keep your hands warm after you ride on your shop in the rain.

If your shop and your things are over wet, it is advisable to maintain the change of waterproof wear.

5. Choose the appropriate store

Although it can first take the best option, do not take yourself by the price and choose a sudden temporary store and its price is high even if it costs more. If you are caught in the rain you are not thankful to you because the rest of the goods can be damaged and damaged.

There are several things you should take into account when you get a tent:

You should use tents for two or three seasons because they are specially equipped to face air and rain.

The store should have a mosquito net for a long time to avoid the spread of soil. That is, at least in the store’s sweep, in the middle of the campaign house, it must be long enough to reach and thus avoided the air.

6. Ensure that the store is hmmmetic to prevent water from filtering

The entrance of the store should not be at the ground level and there will be a lot of borders if it is not water or will enter the water shop below.

Carefully read the label where you specify the store products and packaging features, to ensure that the outdoor coating waterproof is.

7. Save the store carefully

If you are forced to keep the store, as long as wet, as soon as you have a chance to dry, remember to remember it, otherwise moisture can produce and you must Have to throw it.

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