Backpacking tips and tricks for beginners 2022: Easy Guide

Backpacking tips and tricks for beginners

The best “backpacking” methods on the road are also learned if travel is learned from travel. Experience is a degree! But luckily for you, today I’m going to tell you my 18 best tricks, the ones I’ve learned over the years and the ones I’ve learned from other travelers.


Backpacking tips for beginners

My advice for backpackers all of these tricks will help you if you plan to travel as a backpacker, primarily want to live in hostels and your budget is low – or you want to spend the least and necessary. So that the journey lasts longer!

Take note of them all because you will see that they will save you time, money, or headaches.

Backpacking tips and tricks for beginners Guide

If you’re considering backpacking, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got your back, literally! Read this travel blog to learn what to bring on a backpacking trip, what to expect, and how to plan your backpacking trip. Learn more here.

1. The smell of bags.

You should keep all your belongings in one bag, whether they are clean or not. Especially to prevent dirty clothes from “affecting” their odor – usually dust and stains – in the rest of the luggage, it is best to carry a bag that is only for dirty clothes, ideally from plastic. Make it so that it does not stink. And the dirt to get through.

2. Soapy water.

We already know a lot about each bag packer: “Less is more”, so you may have very few clothes, which will force you to wash often. Although I recommend “good washing” in the washing machine (washing machine we call in Argentina) at least once a month, small items should be washed by hand almost daily, such as panties or socks.

For this, it is better to buy soap once and put it in a permeable cloth or mesh bag. Attach the bag to the faucet so that it is placed exactly where the water comes out so that the water that reaches the bucket under the faucet reaches with the soap. Let sit for a while, rinse, and then repeat the process. Before washing it for the last time, use the same soap from the bag to remove the hardest stains.

3. Universal cap.

Although I have recommended on other occasions that you take a stop with you on all your trips, you may not have taken it, so I would suggest filling the bathroom sink and washing your little one. How to make an “improvised stopper” to be able to. Such clothes: T-shirt, shorts, bikini, underwear, etc.

Fill a small plastic bag with water, remove air and seal it tightly, for example with a small knot. Place it over the drain and start filling the sink with water. Voila!

4. Wet shoes or boots.

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If your shoes get wet, fill them with plenty of newspaper and leave them overnight to absorb all the moisture. The next morning they may not be 100% dry, but they will be much less wet than the night before; that’s for sure!

5. Utensils.

Of course, you don’t eat all your food in a restaurant or bar, in fact, many times you will eat the “ready meals” that they sell in the supermarket, or you will buy some yogurt and fruit. For this reason, it is important to always have a fork/spoon (1 in 2), just a spoon, or 1 in 3 cutlery available. Don’t forget the multi-purpose knife that will allow you to cut bread and cheese. For example, or fruit peel.

6. Get rid of bacteria.

Depending on which area you pass through, you will have more or less access to clean water, soap, water, etc. After using the bathroom, it is best to always carry alcohol gel with you to clean your hands before eating… and it can also be used to disinfect superficial cuts or to clean cutlery.

7. Blessed snacks.

I can’t stress this much. Regardless of what your itinerary is for that day, remember that sometimes unforeseen events occur and, for example, a bus may be delayed, the corner bar may close unexpectedly. Or maybe there’s a food stall where you stop for a walk. Very expensive Take whatever you want to eat (in my case, being a vegetarian, that’s a lot!)

Some snacks in the bag never hurt … sooner or later you will eat them. I usually take a couple of bananas, some sweet cookies and if the journey is long I add a sandwich. Don’t forget the reusable water bottle (no plastic, huh!)

8. Ziplock bag.

The use of ziplock bags is not limited to kitchens! In addition to allowing you to store sandwiches or other snacks, if you are camping or outing, you can transfer your liquids and bathroom products through airport security, like garbage bags. Can also be used to

For example, if you are on the beach, you can use them to keep your mobile, camera, or another device in it so that they do not get wet or fill with dust or sand.

If you do not have a bottle in hand, you can fill it with water in an emergency and even apply ice to the sprained ankle. One of the uses I like most is to make a simple “home cinema” with them.

I mean, did you see that when you’re on the bus for 18 hours and you’re watching a series or movie on your cell phone and you have to hold it in your hand and it hurts? Well, you put it in a transparent ziplock bag and attach it to your front seat; or on an airplane (on those low-cost airlines without individual entertainment).

9. Floss.

In addition to its traditional use, it is ideal for cutting soft cheeses, using it as a rope for hanging freshly washed clothes (such as bikinis, underwear, and even some T-shirts!).

I even used a piece of dental floss to sew the strap on my backpack when it broke on arrival in Quetta – until I bought another one, of course! If your shoe is broken it will also work as lace for your shoe, and hundreds of other uses!

10. Silk or cotton sleeping bag. It doesn’t weigh much, it’s extremely compact, and trusts me you’ll thank it more than once. Not only will this save you a few euros where they will charge for the sheets, but also because in many places the hygiene of the sheets will be called into question.

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11. No more sprays.

Of course, sometimes it happens to you that a bottle of shampoo, fabric softener or other liquid/gel accidentally opens or bursts and stains everything in your bag or bag.

To prevent this from happening, all you have to do is remove the plug or lid, insert a little plastic (a plastic bag or a piece of plastic wrap, the type used in the kitchen), and re-insert the lid. This way you will avoid losing, peeling, and staining everything in your bag.

12. Temporary speakers.

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The best way to increase the volume of your phone is to put it in the mirror (do I need to say empty? Hehehe); your party is on! Ideal for relaxing afternoons/nights on the beach or with other travelers in the hostel.

13. And there was light.

If you sleep in a shared room and there is no individual light on your bed, you can place your mobile flashlight on a water bottle (with water inside, of course!) And there will be enough light for you to see, but Don’t bother your roommate.

If, on the other hand, you are in a situation where you need more light and you do not disturb anyone, then place the mobile phone under the water bottle with a flashlight – with water inside – and voilà!

14. Don’t waste earrings.

Although I always recommend traveling without jewelry or ornaments, sometimes you can’t resist the beautiful handmade earrings they sell … so if you don’t want to lose them, I’ll tell you my secret: fasten them with a button. !

15. Versatile sarong.

I never tire of recommending Sarong for any kind of travel. This is the most versatile thing that exists: you can use it to cover yourself in airplanes, buses, or trains. When the air conditioning is complete, you can also use your head or shoulders to enter temples. Can cover, you can use it. As a dress and/or skirt, as a towel to dry or to lie on the sand or grass.

You can roll it up and it works like a pillow, it dries quickly, weighs very little, and is super compact when folded. You can’t ask for more!

16. Carry a small sewing bag.

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Trust me, clothes tear more than you think. Especially when you wash it during the day, outside during the day, or when you spend all day on the street or walking and doing activities.

Sooner or later they will have a small hole, another one, a button that will fall … look like a slab.

17. Foot free from fungus.

The general advice that even a mother gives you when you go to the public pool: “Wear flip flops in absolutely all showers, even if you have a private bathroom.”

18. Locked luggage.

Always keep a lock, combination, if possible. You will need more than you can imagine.

And you, do you know more travel tricks? Share them with me and the rest of the passengers in the comments section!

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