How to Replace Tent Zipper with Velcro 2022: Some Best Tips

How to Replace Tent Zipper with Velcro
How to Replace Tent Zipper with Velcro

How to Replace Tent Zipper with Velcro You should know that in past most people were selected the tent by seeing the following factors they select the tent in the condition that if the situation will be different means much formal, then next tent pad will be required.

Yes, this kind of tent is made in the market for action and requires more security than a standard tent would provide.

The next situation is the weather if you face a dry climate there then good fabric mats may be your best bet.

But if the environment is in extremely much dry or much rainy situations then people want to pick a good and more reliable waterproof fabric tent.

Can’t believe in the weather tone so people want swing type of tents so that they can face both situations if it is more rain then lightweight cloth fabric can stand with harsh conditions than another type of fabrics or supplementary type of fabric.

Most tents are for hourly use and can hold many people at a time they are used in BBQ parties, and some also are fire-resistant, some others are used for weddings.

Okay, let’s talk about tarps we know that tent pads are mostly not enough but we need extra tarps for camping, especially in harsh weather.

Okay, above we overlook the different types of tents that can be used several times. For camping, you use your tent many times and still now it is in good condition but you have some problem with the zipper.

It is common that the zipper to break. It happened due to wear and tear or we can say that maybe it is manufacturer’s fault made poorly.

For any reason, the zipper breaks or stuck even and you don’t Want to buy a new one yet! Then replacing the zipper with Velcro is an awesome way.

Zippers are mostly stuck but people are crazy about zipper drive because they can zip up and down as going out or in the tent, but this causes stress on zipping with the time that takes zipper towards broken or lost teeth of the zipper.

Okay, don’t worry if you have the same problem and you also don’t want to buy a new tent yet. Then this article will guide you on how to replace broken zip.

And you will also get some extra information that how worth is it to replace the zipper with Velcro or zipper. And you will know how you get to benefit by changing the zipper with Velcro or a new zipper rather than you throwing your tent. Without wasting time let’s read below.

Some Best Tips How to Replace Tent Zipper with Velcro

Reasons that why worth Replacing tent Zip.

Many reasons are there to fix your tent zipper-like

  • Zip will no longer work up and down and stuck or break
  • Teeth of zipper can worn out.
  • When zipper stuck they are crucial to get into your shelter without struggle.

If you invest in quality equipment and zipper breaks then it is understood that replacing the zipper is worth it.

So let see how you can replace a zipper with another zipper or Velcro.

Methods to replace the zipper of the tent.

You can replace your broken zipper with a new zipper or with a Velcro it is on as per your choice. So here we will guide you about both

1. How to replace a broke. zipper with new zipper.

2. How to replace a stuck or broken zipper with Velcro.

1. How replace a broke. zipper with new zipper.

  1. By pulling the fabric from both sides remove zipper from inside the tent.
  2. Now new zip replace but from outside.
  3. Now stitch the new zipper with needle and thread but any expert can also attach it by sewing machine cleanly.
  4. Reattach the fabric by sewing the top and bottom of replaced zipper stitching.
  5. It is necessary to zip up from inside to look that what you are doing actually.
  6. Repeat the same on other side.

2. How to replace a stuck or broken zipper with Velcro.

  1. First if all find a replacement zipper.
  2. You should be sure that the replacement zipper that you get match with your tent’s width.
  3. Remove the old one from your tent with scissor.
  4. Let start to attach Velcro on one opening side in your tent.
  5. Sew three pieces of Velcro on equal distance.
  6. Two Velcro piece should be on both top and bottom end and one should be in middle.
  7. Next sew two more Velcro pieces on top that increase reinforcement
  8. Remove out air bubble from fabric so that can’t get caught up in new Velcro.
  9. Enjoy living in a tent on camping.

3. Why Zipper is used in tents.

The zipper is used in tents to allow ventilation and easy access. When a tent is placed inside the tent floor is covered with mud, which is like a solid form of water. Tent walls and roofs remain separate from the ground. So, if the zippers were not used, the water inside the tent will remain the same.

When the zippers are used, it allows the water inside to escape easily and creates an opening in the tent. Zippers are also used by the military to enter the tents easily. So basically, zippers help to create openings to allow ventilation.

4. Why Zipper is a problem in tents?

The problem with zippers is not that they exist, but that they often get stuck. This is because a zipper gets stuck when something gets trapped in between the teeth of the zipper. In a tent, when a zipper gets stuck, not only is it a minor inconvenience, but it’s also a serious risk to the occupants of the tent. If something is trapped in between the teeth of the zipper and there is a fire, then the people in the tent may not be able to escape in time.

The zippers themselves can also be a fire hazard. Zippers are made of two pieces of metal that are sewn together. This means that there is a lot of extra material that could catch fire and start ablaze. If the tent does catch on fire, the occupants may not be able to get out in time.

5. Why Velcro is an effective solution for zipper?

It is the way that the makers market Velcro, the strap, and the teeth of the zipper. A zipper is a metal piece with teeth that “zips” up.

You pull on the zipper, and it zips with a satisfying sound. The strap on the other hand is just a strip of loop unable to do any work. The zipper is “robust,” it is built to last. It is “dependable.”

The strap on the other hand is “easy.” You don’t have to worry about it breaking. On the contrary, it is so easy, you don’t even need to think about it when you zip up your coat.

Here are some suggestions that you should know when you are going to replace the tent zipper.

  • You should never ignore that how mostly the zipper is used so when you decide to change the zipper keep in mind its function.
  • We know that it is zipped and unzipped many times so keep in mind that chances are present that again the old zipper will need to replace due to much use.
  • Okay if tents use many times after being set up multiple nights with quick succession and zipper don’t wear at some point too!
  • We hope that you will get help and your required all tips to replace a zipper with a new zipper or Velcro. Before going on camping inan old tent you should read this because accidents are part of life but if you are prepared before then you can sort out the facing problems as well.


How much does it cost to replace a zipper on a tent?

If you want to replace the zipper on your tent, you will have to get the zipper and the same type of tent. The price of the zipper depends upon how expensive the tent is and what the material is. Zippers are available at a wide range of prices.

You should make a list of the items you need and how much expensive each item is. The price of the zipper depends upon the brand of the zipper. You can get the zipper for about $4 to about $20.

Can you replace a zipper with Velcro?

I think the one thing you are asking is, can you replace (for example) a zipper on a coat with Velcro?  That’s certainly possible.  If the coat has no sizing other than the zipper, then yes, you can replace it with velcro.  

If the coat has much of its sizing done with non-obvious cords and such inside the lining, then it may be quite difficult to replace, because you don’t have a frame of reference for where to sew the new velcro to.  

One of the most common ways this is done is to have a strap on top of the zipper, sewn onto the lining, that you can attach the velcro to.  That way, you can sew the velcro to the zipper to open the coat, then sew the velcro to the strap to hold it closed.  That way the sizing is never compromised, and you can still open and close the coat normally.

How do you replace a tent zipper?

If your tent is a double-wall tent, you will be able to find the zipper pull very easily. If it is a single-wall tent, then it may be a little harder to locate. If the zipper is on the outside of the tent, then the pull will be on top of the fabric wall on one side of the zipper. If it is on the inside, then the pull will be on the bottom of the fabric wall on the same side of the zipper.

You will need to take off any bags or storage boxes from the outside of your tent to expose the zipper. Then you will need to unzip the zipper until you can see the zipper pull. The storage bags and boxes can be reattached after you have replaced the zipper pull.

How do you fix a broken zipper on a pop up camper?

All metal zippers are not created equal. Until recently, good-quality metal zippers were only available in metal-toothed zippers. This was for a good reason.

Metal-toothed zippers have the best mechanical advantage and therefore the most holding power. However, this advantage presents a problem when it’s time to replace the zipper.

Unless the zipper manufacturer has provided a way to separate the existing teeth from the track, this job becomes quite difficult.

With modern plastic zipper rs, this job is a breeze. That’s because the plastic teeth on these zippers have a feature called a “separating box.” This feature allows the plastisol teeth to be easily separated from the zipper’s plastic slider or “teeth carrier.”

What to do if you dont have a zipper?

When you have a zipper that has come off the track, and it’s not possible to sew it up and re-attach the slider, or when you want to remove a zipper, you can use this method to put a zip back together or take a zip apart.

How do you fix a zipper on a canvas?

Zippers on canvases are usually not too complicated to handle, as the canvas is not a delicate material. However, there are a few tips to keep in mind when you need to repair a zipper on a canvas: Try doing it yourself at first: a lot of canvas zipper problems can be resolved without taking the canvas to a professional tailor. If a zipper breaks, the first thing you can do is to fix it right away.

Buy the right zipper: if you need to replace the zipper, be sure to buy the right size and kind of zipper: if you have a heavyweight canvas, you shouldn’t buy a thin, lightweight zipper. Don’t use any sharp object for removing the old zipper: it can damage the canvas.

Wear gloves when you’re working with a new zipper: it will save you from getting fingerprints and from having to clean the zipper later. Buy a canvas zipper kit: you can find them online or in many craft stores. Use a wooden zipper-trimmer: it’s safer than a metal zipper-trimmer. Use a sharp cutter to cut the old zipper.

How do you fix the mesh on a pop up camper?

In general, the two most common reasons for the mesh to tear are weather damage and pet damage. Pets tend to chew/eat the mesh while in transit. If this is the case, you need to reinforce the mesh with metal staples. A great reinforcement is to use metal fence staples that are usually used to install a garden fence.

They come in 4-5 inch sections and are very cost-effective. Be sure to replace any mesh or screen that has been torn and is hanging free. You do not want the mesh flapping in the wind, especially on the highway.


In this article, we try our level best to guide you about How to replace an old broken zipper with new Velcro so here you can get all your answers related to this problem.

We try after reading this you get all your answers and solve your issue easily hope so we are successful to give you guidance about this. You can solve your issue as quickly as possible by reading this article.

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